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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Basic Health Insurance" all about?

This is a low cost, limited benefit health insurance that is meant as a supplement in addition to regular health insurance.  It provides a pre-defined cash reimbursement directly to the policy owner for common medical expenses like doctors visits, lab tests and surgical procedures.  The amount the insurance pays is less than the amount that a medical provider will charge.  It is not meant to cover every medical expense and it will not cover catastrophic medical expenses.  In a few unfortunate situations, this may be the only health insurance that is available or affordable.  In these cases Basic Health Insurance is better than having no health insurance at all, but this insurance is not meant to replace regular health insurance.  See www.MedSave.com for a listing of other regular low cost health insurance plans.

How are you similar/dissimilar to AFLAC?

The insurance companies do not make any comparison or contrast to any other health insurance since this would not be permitted under some state laws.  This question is included with a generic response simply because it is asked so often.

Both AFLAC and Basic Health Insurance are supplemental health insurance policies, meant to provide cash benefits separately from other health insurance. 

AFLAC is offered though employer-sponsored plans.  Basic Health Insurance is available either through employer-sponsored plans or directly to individuals and families.  Basic Health Insurance covers only medical expenses, whereas AFLAC may provide optional "loss of work time" benefits.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility requirements for Basic Health Insurance are more liberal than most health insurance plans.  Everyone who is 1) not disabled, 2) has not been hospital confined in the 12 months prior to enrolling, 3) is under age 65* at the time of application, and 4) is living in a state where this insurance is approved by the state insurance department is eligible for this insurance. 

*There is no age limitation if the coverage is provided through an employer plan in compliance with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.  Those who enroll for coverage when under the age 65 may keep the insurance in force until age 70 even if the insurance is not provided through an employer.

The list of approved states is included on the right hand side of this page.  Click this link to see the complete product availability list.  This insurance is called "guarantee issue" because everyone in the eligible category who applies is approved for coverage regardless of medical history or other factors.

What if I live in a state not listed?

This type of insurance is not approved by your state insurance department.    In many states insurance laws that may be outdated are designed to prohibit innovative types of insurance like this with the original intention of protecting the public.  We believe that citizens should be free to make their own choices about health care, free from government over-regulation.  You may wish to contact your local state government representative to voice your concern about the restriction of this type of coverage.

What is covered? 

A specific list of medical items are covered.  Click this link to see a summary chart of benefits.  This list does not include all medical costs.  To see the list of covered items and the dollar amount covered, use the "Get a free quote and apply online" button on the right.

Are pre-existing medical conditions covered?

Yes, after you have been enrolled in the insurance for 6 months.

What is a pre-existing condition?

This term is specifically defined in the policy and you should refer to that definition that is specific to your state.  For sake of discussion and understanding at this point you should consider any medical history that is recorded in any of you medical records to be "pre-existing".  For example, a prescription drug that you took in the past was based on a doctor's diagnosis of some previous medical condition and therefore is a "pre-existing condition".  Some conditions may also be pre-existing if you were aware of the symptoms but did not seek medical treatment.

How much does it cost?

Use the "Get a free quote and apply online" link on the right to get pricing for your age and location.

When does coverage start and how do I know I am enrolled?

Coverage starts on the first day of the month after you enroll and pay the first premium.  Online enrollments are confirmed by e-mail but this is not a "proof of coverage".  Mail-in enrollments are not confirmed until the policy is delivered.  Policies and ID cards are usually mailed on the first day of the month that coverage starts.  ID cards are not available online.

What doctors or hospitals are covered?

Any doctor or hospital in the United States.

Is there a list of doctors or hospitals?

No.  You may use any doctor or hospital in the U.S. without pre-approval.

Is this product available to groups?

Yes, see the "Groups" forms from the home page.

Who is best-suited to use this insurance?

While the range of eligible persons is wide, the following groups are especially likely to find this insurance attractive:

- individuals and families covered by employer-provided insurance

- individuals and families with pre-existing medical conditions that lead to out-of-pocket medical expenses

- those individuals who have been denied health insurance elsewhere due to medical history

- self-employed individuals, partners, LLC members and S corporation owners (because of the tax deductibility of health insurance vs. uninsured health benefits)

- persons covered by consumer-driven or Health Savings Account type health insurance with deductibles and co-payment requirements

- workers covered by an employer-sponsored flexible spending account (FSA) or health reimbursement account (HRA).

Who should not use this insurance?

People in between jobs and those without major medical insurance should not use this insurance but should use "short term medical insurance" for more complete protection.  These plicies are available at www.MedSave.com

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Individuals and Families:

This plan is currently available in AK, AL, AZ, DC, DE, GA, HI, IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, MS, MT, ND, NE, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, WI and WY .


This plan is currently available in AK, AL, AR, AZ, DC, DE, GA, HI, IA, IL, KY, MD, MI, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI and WY .  This plan is also available to firms with more than 50 employees in CO, FL, IN, MA and NV .  Download and print forms below:

Group Proposal and Rate Chart

Employer Application

Group Member Enrollment Form

Who is Markel Insurance?

Markel Corporation (MKL-NYSE) is an international property and casualty insurance holding company headquartered in Richmond, VA. that sells specialty insurance products.  Markel Insurance Company is a division of Markel Corporation started in the 1990s to provide specialty health insurance.

What are Markel Insurance Company's financial ratings?

Financial stability and strength are important purchase considerations of policyholders and insurance agents and brokers. Because an insurance premium paid today purchases coverage for losses that might not be paid for many years, the financial viability of the insurer is of critical concern. Various independent rating agencies provide information and assign ratings to assist buyers in their search for financially sound insurers. Rating agencies periodically re-evaluate assigned ratings based upon changes in the insurerís operating results, financial condition or other significant factors influencing the insurerís business. Here is how Markel Insurance rates:


Markel Insurance Company

AM Best

A (Excellent) g, XI

Duff and Phelps

 A (High)

Is this affiliated with the Better Business Bureau?

The OnlineAdviserTM founder was a member of the BBB Online Reliability program that is intended to hold online businesses to a high standard of service and fair-play but the organization no longer maintains membership in the Better Business Bureau.  See www.BBB.org  for more information about this program. 

Can this insurance be combined with other health insurance or Medicare?

Yes, it is recommended that you combine this insurance with other low cost insurance plans like those listed at www.MedSave.com .

If I have other health insurance that pays my medical bills, does this insurance pay me in addition to the other insurance?

Yes.  The benefits are always determined separately and in addition to any other insurance you may have.

Is this insurance canceled if I change jobs ?

No, this insurance is intended to continue uninterrupted from job to job, regardless of other insurance.

How soon will I get payment after I submit a claim?

All health insurers are required by law to respond in writing within 10 days to a submitted claim.  In some cases the response is a reimbursement check.  In other cases the response could be a request for more information or a denial of claim, if appropriate.  The claim processing time for this policy is expected to be about the same as other health insurance companies.  See the policy itself for additional details on claims procedures.

How do I contact customer service?

For pre-enrollment support, contact OnlineAdviser at onlineadviser@basichealthinsurance.net .  For billing issues at enrollment: 800-279-2290.  Other contact information is provided in your benefits package.  It may not be possible to confirm a new enrollment by telephone prior to mailing of the actual policy.

Can this coverage be used in conjunction with a health savings account?

Yes, this is "allowable coverage" under the law.  Note that this is not high deductible qualifying insurance, so Basic Health Insurance must be used in conjunction with another insurance plan to qualify for a health savings account.

Is this insurance tax-deductible?

Yes, health insurance premiums may be tax-deductible to self-employed persons and to individuals with high out-of-pocket medical costs. 

What are the advantages of enrolling through a group plan vs. as an individual insurance?

The rates are slightly lower and the premium can be paid through salary deduction.  A group plan can be started when three or more employees at any company want to enroll in this insurance.

Is this affiliated with any other insurance programs?

No, this is an independent insurance program available without regard for your coverage in any other insurance program.

Where can I find other low cost health plans?

Check the listing for your state at www.MedSave.com


Markel Insurance Company is rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best & Company

Important Note: Basic Health Insurance is not comprehensive major medical insurance. It is a lower-cost alternative providing fixed-amount limited benefits that are paid directly to each insured for the most often used types of medical services. Policy forms are intended to comply fully with all applicable state insurance statutes and regulations. Due to differing state requirements, benefits, terms and conditions may vary by state from this description.